Network Tune-Up Service

Check your network security

Check Backup procedures

Network Log Audit

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Why a Networking Tune-Up?
What Services Are Performed?
Why a Networking Tune-Up?

A Network Tune-Up is a service we offer to small business (up to 5 PCs) that are experiencing problems with their network or want to know the status of their network.  Small companies are not always able to dedicate the time and resources necessary to monitor a network, so often they operate in "reactive mode" which means they only notify someone once their network crashs.  By then it's too late.

What Services Are Performed?

ATS will provide the following service:

  1. Perform Network Vulnerability Test (Port Scan. Baseline Security Analysis, Patch Management)
  2. Review Back-Up Strategy.
  3. Network Server Audit (Applications Audit, System Audit, Security Audit, etc.) 
  4. Consulting Session (Max. 1 hour) - ATS will sit down with you and go over the following:
    • Review Network Status
    • Present Recommendations (If any)
    • Basic Questions & Answers

Ready to know the status of your network?

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