Network Support Service

Provide System Overview

Network Server Audit

Network Performance Review

Is your network problematic and you need Network Support? We provide Network Support for small business which includes the following services:

Network Support

Hardware Review

  • Review Log Files For Errors
  • Report outdated hardware
  • Ensure proper configuration

Review Security Strategy

  • Check system security measures
  • Check system security configuration
  • Report all security concerns.

Review Back-Up Strategy 

  • Ensure backups are taking place
  • Perform a test restore
  • Go over catastrophic scenario

Patches & Update

  • Check workstation updates
  • Check server updates
  • Check security devices updates

Internet Performance Test

  • Check Internet Speed
  • Check connection latency
  • Check router configuration

Consulting Session

  • Review Network Status
  • Present Recommendations (If any)
  • Discuss any concerns

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