Network Design Services

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Our Network Design Services are designed to help small business get up and running. If you already have a network and need it to be managed, we provide the following services:

Network Design Services

Install & Configure Hardware

  • Configure Server(s)
  • Configure Workstations
  • Configure Network Components 

Implement Security Strategy

  • Ensure Updates are configured
  • Ensure Firewall is configured
  • Ensure Virus protection is configured

Implement Back-Up Strategy 

  • Ensure Data Backed up 
  • Implement Restore Procedures
  • Offer Offsite Storage

Patches & Update Management

  • Ensure hardware security patches are done
  • Ensure software updates are performed
  • Daily scans for zero day exploits

Applications Installation

  • Install mission critical application
  • Update applications as needed
  • Remove any unused or unwanted apps

Instant Fast Support

  • Get help online
  • Get help via email
  • Get help via phone

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